16. Artland- assets and screenshot of what level could look like

R.H. [head artist on Downhill]- Artland was supposed to be the third level, due to explaining in my report. This was the final level for the game.

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slideshow above shows all the assets in the artland, showing platforms and backgrounds and such. It was easier to put into a slideshow with all the assets showing for the level.

artland screenshot for bloga screenshot what the level could be put out like, there is not much assets due to lack of time and hand injury; in result drawing too much.

My job now is done for the part of the project it is all explained in my personal report on the project.


15. Assets and such for level 1- build it yourself

R.H. [head artist on Downhill]- [will be mentioned and explained in the written report on the project].

full screenshot one first level assets examplewas testing what a mountain would look like in the background of the level, the platforms are where Inkby can jump on to.
assets sheet of level 1
assets sprite sheet of some of the first level.

spike for blog
spike asset for the level.
food items
food items for the game, i created from the GDD

14. Update on level 1- screenshot

R.H. [head artist on Downhill]- More updates and showing progress on the first level, all the assets are separate and can be placed within the room on Gamemaker.
screenshot for blog
Using a quick gif of Inkby (I was not in charge of drawing him or animating him).
I placed him within the scene to see the scale and how it would work out.
Coming together nicely, and the first level’s concept was working more a bright colourful town, the concept was Inkby’s hometown; i really saw this vision more than this shown above.
Added water, ocean, sands behind the rockcliff slide, and the mini bridge. This is all assets and will be put on a sprite sheet to show the assets apart, then together unlike this screenshot example.

12. Assets update-spinning coin!

R.H. [head artist on Downhill]- Worked on sprite sheet for spinning coin animation in the game.
I had the concept to have Inkby’s face on the coin; so it didn’t look like a boring old “Mario style coin”.

coin for blog

I wanted to add the shadow below the spinning coin, for the effect.

I tried to put the sprite sheet into Gamemaker, but ran into problems trying to get it to work. So i ended up animating it through Photoshop, frame by frame animation; turning it into a GIF file.

11. Updates on level design- slideshow

R.H. [head artist on Downhill]- More updates and screenshots showing progress work on pixel art for the first level, this is one of the backgrounds, and the layers are separate so the assets can be moved around and placed where they want to go for the programmer/leader to sort out in Gamemaker.

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Starting to build the scene, doing a sort of beach scene for one of the backgrounds; the assets are on their own layer.
This has been very time consuming as it’s pixel by pixel, using a pencil brush on the setting on ‘1’. Adobe Photoshop has been the program I have been drawing in for this project.

Added a palm tree to set the theme for the background for level one. The background is going to be worked on when the sea and the rest of the assets below the screen have been completed.

Throughout the months will be working not only on background but other assets as well.

10. Title screen sprite- and logo

R.H. [head artist on Downhill]- Worked on the title screen for the game, the concept was Inkby sitting or standing on a cliffside, I kept the same feel to the cliffside from the first level; so it went with the theme of the game.
I wasn’t sure if to give him eyes or not, so i went with eyes instead of not giving him pupils.

DOWNHILL title screen

I wanted to keep from the concept of the logo, I like the design of sort of curved; going down for the logo. I drew Inkby sitting down on the cliffside, smiling. I feel this game needs to pull the audience in and would want to play it.
The title isn’t nothing special its a quick sprite of Inkby to introduce him to the player.