Implementing Character Outlines and Adjusting Character Movement

After receiving basic sprite outlines for the character introduction sequence as well as some other sprites used later on for the rest of a level, I began implementing them into the game and allowing the displayed character sprite to change according to the state of the character. This also required me to develop the intro sequence within the game itself. Doing this allowed me to preview an approximation of how the animation would look in-game once completed, and also gave an opportunity to provide any feedback if necessary on any potential changes, before extra time spent is on needlessly shading frames that may need to be changed or removed.

The process also provided me with a greater understanding of some of the individual character mechanics, and so from the visual depiction of what was wanted to be achieved, I was better able to tweak and polish the feel of the character movement in order to better fit with the animations and the ideas as formed by the animator, improving the feel of the character from the more simplified movement previously used as a placeholder.



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