Options Menu and Saving Data

With the basic game flow from the title screen, to the map screen, to individual levels gameplay completed, I am now waiting for additional progress to be made on deciding upon the actual gameplay mechanics and their specifics which will be used within the levels before I am able to program any more gameplay content. As such, I begun to work on any additional areas that would need to be completed at some point regardless.

The first of these was creating a settings menu accessible from the main menu. Currently, I have just included buttons for clearing the save data, and controlling the volume levels, although more may be added later as and when features are added which require a setting changeable by the player.

I only had some place holder audio to test with at this phase, but once sound and music has been produced, they will be incorporated into the game and will be affected by these buttons.

I programmed the game to create separate profiles for saving data related to this, storing it to an external file stored on the user’s device, which can then be read from when loading up the game for a second time ensuring that the player’s progress across sessions is maintained. I decided to create separate profiles for the settings just created, as well as one for the level stats created previously. At this moment in time the game uses .ini files, which while efficient, are also easily readable and can be manipulated by the player in order to cheat their level of progression in the game. In the future this may be changed to a more secure alternative, or have security layers added to encrypt the user data before storage. This will be of particular importance when incorporating a similar system for IAPs, which if otherwise not protected may allow a player to bypass the games monetary system.

With a greater understanding of the elements expected to be recorded about level progression, I also begun incorporating basic level elements such as the max distance travelled and end flag, as well as medals into each level, so that progress when playing the level could also be stored.



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