Buttons and Menus Creation

With the main in-level gameplay at a stage that was passable and reasonably represented the intended direction of the project, I began implementing the basics of converting from the rudimentary menu navigation that was previously in place, over to a more graphical interface featuring buttons. In order to do this, I created an easily reusable system for adding future buttons as and when they are required, saving time in the future for when more buttons will be required.

I also worked on designing the basic layout of the map screen, referring to the previously discussed design concepts for potential layouts, and in the end decided on creating a hybrid version featuring the benefits of both layouts. This new layout also features the world map idea with icons that when tapped display a popup screen detailing information about the selected level, but also includes left and right arrows so that the player can quickly switch through the different levels displaying the next  or previous level in the sequence, displaying accordingly in the popup screen. Actually creating the map screen and level preview popup was the first area where I applied the button system, creating individual buttons for each of the different interactive elements.

In addition, I also worked on the level loading code and level stats manager, which I then used for dynamically loading level elements such as the level name and preview image in the level preview popup, and will also continue to use later. I also created a framework for restoring user determined values such as the max distance travelled and medals earned, and displaying them after retrieving them from an external save file, the system for which I will produce later. Overall this allows for an easier system of adding new levels, so that once their design and layout has been decided upon,  it will become much simpler being able to incorporate them with the rest of the game in terms of storing stats relating to their progress and their appearance on the map.



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