11. Updates on level design- slideshow

R.H. [head artist on Downhill]- More updates and screenshots showing progress work on pixel art for the first level, this is one of the backgrounds, and the layers are separate so the assets can be moved around and placed where they want to go for the programmer/leader to sort out in Gamemaker.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Starting to build the scene, doing a sort of beach scene for one of the backgrounds; the assets are on their own layer.
This has been very time consuming as it’s pixel by pixel, using a pencil brush on the setting on ‘1’. Adobe Photoshop has been the program I have been drawing in for this project.

Added a palm tree to set the theme for the background for level one. The background is going to be worked on when the sea and the rest of the assets below the screen have been completed.

Throughout the months will be working not only on background but other assets as well.


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