Character Update 02 – Cutscene

When designing out game, we decided to go with a planned cutscene where the character would walk to the start of the level; the edge of a cliff. From here, the player would begin the game by pushing him over.

I had to design each frame of this process, splitting up the animations into their appropriate sections.

  • Walk (The player’s walk animation set. Used when he walks to the edge)
  • Lean (The player curious leans over and looks down over the cliffside)
  • Fall (The player is then pushed and begins falling)
  • Splat (The player makes impact with the ground and begins moving

I first started off outlining my animations before making sure I was happy with the results. I would then put them through an animation preview provided by a timeline feature in Photoshop to see the results at the speed I want them to be played at in-game.0.3


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