Character Update 07 – Colouring

With all the frames checked over for any possible errors, each frame was went over, flat colours have been applied to every frame. With the shoes seeming to look a little dull and plain as a solid red colour, details have been considered and added when creating them.



Buttons and Menus Creation

With the main in-level gameplay at a stage that was passable and reasonably represented the intended direction of the project, I began implementing the basics of converting from the rudimentary menu navigation that was previously in place, over to a more graphical interface featuring buttons. In order to do this, I created an easily reusable system for adding future buttons as and when they are required, saving time in the future for when more buttons will be required.

I also worked on designing the basic layout of the map screen, referring to the previously discussed design concepts for potential layouts, and in the end decided on creating a hybrid version featuring the benefits of both layouts. This new layout also features the world map idea with icons that when tapped display a popup screen detailing information about the selected level, but also includes left and right arrows so that the player can quickly switch through the different levels displaying the next  or previous level in the sequence, displaying accordingly in the popup screen. Actually creating the map screen and level preview popup was the first area where I applied the button system, creating individual buttons for each of the different interactive elements.

In addition, I also worked on the level loading code and level stats manager, which I then used for dynamically loading level elements such as the level name and preview image in the level preview popup, and will also continue to use later. I also created a framework for restoring user determined values such as the max distance travelled and medals earned, and displaying them after retrieving them from an external save file, the system for which I will produce later. Overall this allows for an easier system of adding new levels, so that once their design and layout has been decided upon,  it will become much simpler being able to incorporate them with the rest of the game in terms of storing stats relating to their progress and their appearance on the map.


Character Update 05 – Ducking

This was one of the longest animations in the game, mostly because the animation sets are made up into three different phases.

  • The first phase is when the character is collapsing down into the ducking animation
  • The second phase is remaining within the ducking state.
  • The third phase is sprining back into the running animation.

These different sections mean this whole ducking animation takes up to a total of 16 frames.


12. Assets update-spinning coin!

R.H. [head artist on Downhill]- Worked on sprite sheet for spinning coin animation in the game.
I had the concept to have Inkby’s face on the coin; so it didn’t look like a boring old “Mario style coin”.

coin for blog

I wanted to add the shadow below the spinning coin, for the effect.

I tried to put the sprite sheet into Gamemaker, but ran into problems trying to get it to work. So i ended up animating it through Photoshop, frame by frame animation; turning it into a GIF file.

Character Update 04 – Jump and Fall

Next up for the animating board was the jumping and falling, something the game lacked even a placeholder for. This one was one of the much easier things to animate. Following on once again with the retro style, alot of classic video games did not go into much detail for a jump animation, some not even including a fall animation.

A single frame for jumping, another for falling. Not much else could be said here.


Character Update 03 – Hit and Death

With the cutscene animations complete, I’ve decided to leave them as they are until I’m comfortable with the rest of the animations before colouring them altogether.

With what was currently created, I’ve given the programmer the walk animation as a placeholder for what will then later on be replaced with the running animations once finished.

Next was the animation outlines for the hit and death animations to make the knock and impact of the character feel more lively as opposed to being knocked back all the while maintaining the walking animation.


The hit animation only uses of a single frame to maintain the retro feel of the game. The death animation is made up of 6 frames following on after the hit animation to still keep the fluent animation consistent.