Character Update 01 – Planning

When we first started out the character updating procress, we have to keep in mind the retro style we planned to aim for. Originally the character was going to consist of a 128×128 canvas before we ended up running into problems.

Inkby WIP sprite

  • The time it would take to animate the entirety of the character’s intended frames would be rediculously long for the quality we were aiming for.
  • It would not match the scene in terms of the intended detail noticable.
  • Alot of detail would go unnoticed when scaled appropriately to match with the game.

With these problems in mind, we’ve then decided to half his resolution to a 64×64 canvas.

Inkby WIP sprite2

The next process now that the character has been designed for development with the agreed size and look, we will now move on to animation.


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