9. Starting to build Inkby’s world, allowing the concept to come to life.

R.H. [head artist on Downhill]- Starting to build the background out of 2, at the moment I will see what 2 backgrounds for the level will look like; as it’s an endless runner this is not a big concern if the background will have to say e.g. loop over.
I really wanted lots of cliffs and platforms Inkby can go on for the game, and really wanted to give it full detail and have it very bright and colourful; for the player playing the game.
We need the game to be not boring, and catch the player’s eye; to even want to play the game in the first place. This is important.

rocks for blog

a preview of what I am working on for the level design, this will be a special background with lots of detail and a sort beach feel to it.
The rocks and grass and vines give the rocks that feel, they have been there  for years and it’s a nice touch to the level design.


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