Character Update 01 – Planning

When we first started out the character updating procress, we have to keep in mind the retro style we planned to aim for. Originally the character was going to consist of a 128×128 canvas before we ended up running into problems.

Inkby WIP sprite

  • The time it would take to animate the entirety of the character’s intended frames would be rediculously long for the quality we were aiming for.
  • It would not match the scene in terms of the intended detail noticable.
  • Alot of detail would go unnoticed when scaled appropriately to match with the game.

With these problems in mind, we’ve then decided to half his resolution to a 64×64 canvas.

Inkby WIP sprite2

The next process now that the character has been designed for development with the agreed size and look, we will now move on to animation.


10. Title screen sprite- and logo

R.H. [head artist on Downhill]- Worked on the title screen for the game, the concept was Inkby sitting or standing on a cliffside, I kept the same feel to the cliffside from the first level; so it went with the theme of the game.
I wasn’t sure if to give him eyes or not, so i went with eyes instead of not giving him pupils.

DOWNHILL title screen

I wanted to keep from the concept of the logo, I like the design of sort of curved; going down for the logo. I drew Inkby sitting down on the cliffside, smiling. I feel this game needs to pull the audience in and would want to play it.
The title isn’t nothing special its a quick sprite of Inkby to introduce him to the player.

9. Starting to build Inkby’s world, allowing the concept to come to life.

R.H. [head artist on Downhill]- Starting to build the background out of 2, at the moment I will see what 2 backgrounds for the level will look like; as it’s an endless runner this is not a big concern if the background will have to say e.g. loop over.
I really wanted lots of cliffs and platforms Inkby can go on for the game, and really wanted to give it full detail and have it very bright and colourful; for the player playing the game.
We need the game to be not boring, and catch the player’s eye; to even want to play the game in the first place. This is important.

rocks for blog

a preview of what I am working on for the level design, this will be a special background with lots of detail and a sort beach feel to it.
The rocks and grass and vines give the rocks that feel, they have been there  for years and it’s a nice touch to the level design.