Initial Prototype Creation

I began using the frame work which I had created earlier in order to begin implementing the prototype. Creating this framework beforehand made this stage of the game’s development easier, and will continue to be of use later on throughout the rest of the project. With input already implemented through its own manager, it became easier to reference the already working input values in order to quickly prototype gameplay for the game.

I created a basic approximation of the character movement to serve as a basis so that I can continue making additional progress while waiting for further mechanics and specifics to be decided upon. This ultimately consisted of the core concepts of basic movement for the character, the speed at which the character travels horizontally being based on the view angle or screen rotation of the game. This will be done as a way to design levels using flat tiles and blocks, which are then rotated to provide the illusion of steepness when viewed in game, which can also be adjusted in real-time along with the character’s horizontal speed to also provide an illusion of gradually increasing steepness. This will streamline the development process, instead only requiring flat tiles to be designed rather than varying levels of angled blocks.

I also incorporated the other essential elements for an endless runner type game, such as landing vertically, getting hit by blocks horizontally and therefore losing lives, and dying when getting hit with no remaining lives as well as when touching spikes.

Throughout this stage of development, place holder sprites will also have to be used for testing purposes, and will remain until final sprites have been produced to replace them.



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