7. Starting a Framework for the Prototype

After testing out using Game Maker: Studio with the Android export module, I could begin the first work on creating content and code actually usable within the full game itself. The firstly of these being to create a framework for the rest of the game.

I have begun producing the system for this as based on past experience of ways to organise and order projects. This included creating dedicated spaces and managers for initialising, menus, input detection, and other standard features that serve as the basis for the game before further content is later added. Doing this saves having to reorganise the project later on, with more difficulty and would also require a greater time investment.

One of the more important of these was included creating an input manager which can exist as its own separate object, so that all input code can be easily referenced through one place throughout the game. I begun to implement swiping, and other touch screen based functionality within the input manager, and created some basic debug functions to showcase this working.

The input manager currently includes 8 directions of swiping, as well as click detection, the manager differentiates between swiping and clicking based on elements such as the distance moved, and the time held down between touching and releasing a finger on the screen.

The accompanying angles for each direction are not based on an equally balanced angle distribution; it has instead been done in a way so that there is more bias towards the non-diagonal directions. This makes it easier to input the most common directions, but is still easy to input diagonals when done deliberately. This is relatively easy to change the angles for, or to remove diagonal swipes entirely.

Other features for controlling and managing user may be later adjusted, removed, or added to depending on the requirements of the game as they change throughout development.

Further aspects of the game will begin to be worked on once decisions about gameplay mechanics have been agreed and finalised upon with the rest of the team.