6. Music Research For Inspiration/Ideas

Since the decision was to create our game with a pixel style look, I’ve concluded to give the soundtrack more of a “chiptune” feel to it. So I felt it was appropriate to look into some 8-bit style music, to get an idea on how I should compose the music. During my research, I’ve taken a look at a few songs from a few game examples that fit the style of how we would like our game to look.

Considering the tone of our game, I looked into less serious and more upbeat, exaggerated styles of music.

Menu Screen-

Compared to playing the game, we obviously want a less intense sountrack. So I took the time into looking at a couple of soundtracks used in Overworlds of games as well as their own menu screens. This one in particular caught my interest.

In-game –

The soundtrack for my game is initially planned to have two seperate stages of the song to match with the gameplay. The first stage would be before the game starts, something slow and calm before the player decides they’re ready to continue.

Not a lot of examples could be found, but this one in particular was probably the best I could use to get my idea across. Only it’ll naturally match up to the main part of the song.

Finally when the player begins, it’ll progress to a more intense and faster version of the song previously playing, the idea of making even faster versions of the song as the level progresses is considered. But alternatively if our development time is cut short, the alternative solution would be to speed up the song as it is.

Here’s an example of what sorta song I want playing to match the gameplay as it consists of endless running and dodging obstacles to keep the player going.


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