4. Preparations for Development

As I have the role of programmer for the game, the first steps I took were to set up and install all the software required to begin development. While it would be possible to complete this project by running and testing the game almost exclusively on Windows, only porting to Android occasionally throughout and for the final build, I have found from past experience on prior projects that it is much better to test projects intended for different platform devices on the target devices themselves throughout development, and not to leave doing so until the end.

I was able to purchase the required export module due to it being on sale at the time, allowing the ability to achieve this. I felt that this was in the best interests of the project to ensure that all decisions made throughout development had the target platform and all its intricacies taken into consideration rather than approximating the influence of platform differences.

To be able to actually utilise this, I first needed to set up the Android software development kit as required within Game Maker: Studio. This was a tedious but worthwhile process which once set up allowed for easy and fast deployment of the project for debugging and playtesting on Android devices.

After having done this, I attempted to get any sort of code running on my Android phone both as a proof of concept to check that the SDK was functioning correctly, and that there were no other issues preventing game execution from even being possible.

This first demo test consisted of simply dragging around a black triangle on screen, and having a button which created some trails. This proved to be successful, showing that I had a functioning workflow, and that games could run with multiple touch inputs on an end device.



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