3. Getting Used To Roles (Team Leader)

We’re practicing and getting used to our roles, getting ourselves prepared for putting the game together. Specifically, as team leader, I’ve taken the opportunity to research appropriate tools of creating sprite art for the game as well as music and sound effects for the game.

Sprite Art – I’ve found I’m most comfortable with using Photoshop for creating and animating the character’s sprites as I have more experience with the software and it has the tools needed to create him.

Music – Through research and recommendations, I’ve decided to use “FL Studio” to compose the music for the game.

Sound – Since the style of this game focuses around the 8-bit look, I felt it was appropriate to create 8-bit sounds for the game. I’ve discovered an easy solution to creating these sounds quickly and efficiently is through a website that provides full rights to whatever sound I’ve created through their services.

This service is found on the following website: http://www.bfxr.net/


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