2. Getting a rough concept of the character and logo

2. Getting a rough concept of the character and logo

1- downhill logo and the birth of the character

The rough concept of the character, a sort of ink based character; who can mold its shape. The concept above is getting the rough feel of what the logo for the game will be shaping out. Some rough quick sketches of the character, it leaves a trail of inky goo behind it as it goes through the levels.


more sketches and logo ideas of the character, and a quick 64×64 pixels of what the character could look like; if our group chooses to go down the pixel art route.


1.The Beginning of Development

With our group settled and our game idea agreed upon, we’ve decided to create a runner based game for android mobile┬ádevices. We’ve thought up the concept and character and have created some sketches as our base idea, whilst the idea is clear and we’re fully aware on what to do, there’s still a lot that needs to be done over this following year.


Initially the idea is to react to incoming obstacles, you react by either tapping on the screen to jump over obstacles which require you to (spikes, pits, etc.) as well as low well that require you to duck by simply swiping your finger down across the screen. The player remains constantly to the side of the screen whilst over time the obstacles become more difficult to avoid whilst the level begins to gradually speed up.

Whilst this may be challenging for new players, a store is available to them that accepts in-game currency in the form of coins, coins are rare in the game and require you to play a fair amount of time before you’re finally able to purchase the specific thing you’d like in the store. Alternatively, an option to purchase coins will be available to players in the event they would like to save time collecting coins.

The concept of coins being in the level is to be tricky to collect, paths throughout the level that require the player to react fast, climbing up layers of platforms to grab the coin that has appeared minutes within the level after reaching a certain level of difficulty.

As said, so much more still needs to be discussed and worked on, we’ll be sure to update this regularly.